BTW: puppy pool party lookbook - bean goods

BTW: puppy pool party lookbook

BTW: puppy pool party lookbook - bean goods
we're excited to share a little BTW - behind the weens - of the creative team and process behind our latest lookbook photoshoot shot at our studio in long beach featuring our new match my mutt collection. this was our 10th lookbook since officially launching bean goods back in 2013! producing these fashion infused doxie photo shoots to showcase our latest creations is so much fun and definitely a favorite element of our creative process.

we collaborated with minnidip, an amazing posh inflatable pool brand that really helped bring our puppy pool party theme to life. minnidip's pools complemented our colorful swimwear and matching doxie + me sets so perfectly!

putting our creative team together for these shoots is always a blast! we've been so lucky to connect with like-minded creatives who often share a passion for dachshunds like us! crazy wiener dog people ALWAYS find each other! :)

my background is in apparel design but over the past 6 years of running bean good's full time i've taken on more of a creative director role as well as doing all of our styling (and marketing, social media, customer service, packing and shipping annnd you get the point 🤣). i love bringing my love for weens, design and fashion together for our shoots!

chris, my husband and the other hoo-man half of bean goods does all of our graphic design work including the layout of our look books. he ties all of the team's creative work together and makes it shine with final design elements and fun finishing touches.

we had such a fun and dynamic team for this shoot! it was our second shoot with our photographer michelle who i originally connected with in a creative women's facebook group. michelle has been such a pleasure to work with. she's such an easy going gal and her photography is always beautiful! she lives right down the street from us in long beach with her husband and their golden retriever.

this was our 4th shoot with our talented hair and makeup artist, phoebe. i connected with phoebe in the same facebook group as michelle. in addition to her beautiful glam work, phoebe is also a doxie mama so we obviously connected right off the bat! her weenie, henry, has modeled on 2 of our shoots in the past.

we've known emily, one of our models, for years through bean goods. she was originally a customer of ours but quickly became a ween-bassador. we've always admired emily's aesthetic and love collaborating with her on photoshoots. emily has 3 rescue weenies and we love how she incorporates them into her colorful instagram, you tube channel and blog.

i connected with our other model kayci a few years ago when she interviewed me on her blog 'til 6. kayci is a doing big things with her branding agency, six things and is definitely a girl boss to watch! it was a pleasure to finally meet her IRL!

last but not least we want to make sure to give a shout out to our doxie models, too short and luna who joined our team last minute. they both were total naturals on set. we had so much fun pawtnering with them on this shoot!

we hope you enjoyed learning a little background on the creative team behind our puppy pool party lookbook shoot and we hope you love the final wienerfulness we created for you!

be sure to check out our match my mutt collection and pick out a matching outfit for you and your pup so you can live your best life and TWIN all summer long!

check out the whole match my mutt collection below!!

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  • michele wolfson

    Absolutely awesome — so creative – great time – great wieners — great stuff! I love the lookbooks.

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