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BTW: puppy pool party lookbook

BTW: puppy pool party lookbook
we're excited to share a little BTW - behind the weens - of the creative team and process behind our latest lookbook photoshoot shot at our studio in long beach featuring our new match my mutt collection. this was our 10th lookbook since officially launching bean goods back in 2013! producing these fashion infused doxie photo shoots to showcase our latest creations is so much fun and definitely a favorite element of our creative process.

we collaborated with minnidip, an amazing posh inflatable pool brand that really helped bring our puppy pool party theme to life. minnidip's pools complemented our colorful swimwear and matching doxie + me sets so perfectly!

putting our creative team together for these shoots is always a blast! we've been so lucky to connect with like-minded creatives who often share a passion for dachshunds like us! crazy wiener dog people ALWAYS find each other! :)

my background is in apparel design but over the past 6 years of running bean good's full time i've taken on more of a creative director role as well as doing all of our styling (and marketing, social media, customer service, packing and shipping annnd you get the point 🤣). i love bringing my love for weens, design and fashion together for our shoots!

chris, my husband and the other hoo-man half of bean goods does all of our graphic design work including the layout of our look books. he ties all of the team's creative work together and makes it shine with final design elements and fun finishing touches.

we had such a fun and dynamic team for this shoot! it was our second shoot with our photographer michelle who i originally connected with in a creative women's facebook group. michelle has been such a pleasure to work with. she's such an easy going gal and her photography is always beautiful! she lives right down the street from us in long beach with her husband and their golden retriever.

this was our 4th shoot with our talented hair and makeup artist, phoebe. i connected with phoebe in the same facebook group as michelle. in addition to her beautiful glam work, phoebe is also a doxie mama so we obviously connected right off the bat! her weenie, henry, has modeled on 2 of our shoots in the past.

we've known emily, one of our models, for years through bean goods. she was originally a customer of ours but quickly became a ween-bassador. we've always admired emily's aesthetic and love collaborating with her on photoshoots. emily has 3 rescue weenies and we love how she incorporates them into her colorful instagram, you tube channel and blog.

i connected with our other model kayci a few years ago when she interviewed me on her blog 'til 6. kayci is a doing big things with her branding agency, six things and is definitely a girl boss to watch! it was a pleasure to finally meet her IRL!

last but not least we want to make sure to give a shout out to our doxie models, too short and luna who joined our team last minute. they both were total naturals on set. we had so much fun pawtnering with them on this shoot!

we hope you enjoyed learning a little background on the creative team behind our puppy pool party lookbook shoot and we hope you love the final wienerfulness we created for you!

be sure to check out our match my mutt collection and pick out a matching outfit for you and your pup so you can live your best life and TWIN all summer long!

check out the whole match my mutt collection below!!

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6 different types of doxie dads

6 different types of doxie dads

happy dog dad day! we wanted to pay a special tribute to the doxie dad's of bean goods this year who are fiercely devoted to their ween kids and have great doxie style to boot! these dudes are #doxiedadgoals fur shure! 


this dad's notebooks are full of wiener dog drawings. he spends all his free time perfecting his doxie doodles. his doggo is his greatest inspiration, his muse. he turns his doxie doodles into wearable art for him and his little best friend as pictured here in his "dachasso" print. he shares these works of ween art with the doxie lovers of the world! if you haven't gotten the jist, this is bean goods head doxie dad, chris! :) he's the artist behind ALL of these featured dog dad's threads. we sure do love him for all he does!

source: bean goods


dog dads featured on bean goods blog for father's day.


this doxie dad is a good vibes only kind of guy. he never gets mad at his fur kids. they could pee on the carpet 10 times a day and he'd still be all rainbows and wiener dogs vibes.

source: @therobbiemacneil


dog dads featured on bean goods blog for father's day.


his morning routine includes meditating with his doggo in his lap followed by some downward dog. his pup is the yin to his yang.

source: @oscar_my_err


dog dads featured on bean goods blog for father's day.


this dad brings the fun! he's a "the pint is half full" kind of guy. his idea of the perfect friday night consists of anything involving beer and his doggo.

source: @draculaburldoxie


dog dads featured on bean goods blog for father's day.


he's not a "weather permitting" type of dad. he's down for an adventure no matter what and he's bringing his doggo with him rain, snow or shine!

source: @olive__oyl


dog dads featured on bean goods blog for father's day.


this dog dad has the kindest soul. he's do-gooder especially when it comes to doxie welfare. where ever and when ever he can he's doing what he can to help doggos in need. he's the proud dog daddio of 8 rescue weenies. 

source: @acrudolph


dog dads featured on bean goods blog for father's day.


say it loud, say it proud this dog dad LOVES his wiener dogs! he loves his ween kids so much that his wardrobe is packed full of doxie themed threads including this gem with their fluffy faces printed all over it! this dog dad RULES!

source: @crystaliniti


cheers to you, bean goods doxie daddios! thank you for being as crazy about your weens as we are!!! 

we're going to close this dog dad tribute with this little gem, the "dog dad love song" brought to you by BARK! there's even a sausage kid featured! this is the best music video we have EVER seen!

source: BARK

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national best friends day | matching outfits for you and your BFF

national best friends day | matching outfits for you and your BFF


twinning is winning everyday but ESPECIALLY on national best friends day! AMIRITE?! we're celebrating with these adorable matching outfits for you and your pup (coming very soon to the shop)!!

here's a few sneak peeks from our recent lookbook photoshoot to get you inspired to step up your BFF style by twinning with your best friends with 4 paws!


there's really no better way to celebrate and honor your best furend than matching outfits. here's 5 reasons why twinning with your furry bestie is winning!

we all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that mutual bond and admiration you have with your dog should be celebrated with your pawsonal style!

when you're rocking a ridiculously cute MATCHING outfit with your fur-baby you better believe you're going to turn some heads. you and your doggie's matching outfits are bound to attract like-minded puppy people and be great conversation starters! 

content is king my friends and twinning with your doggo is naturally going to ensue some major instagrammable moments. that's a given!

mommy and me outfits are a staple look for mamas to human littles. every mom from kim k. to beyonce to jessica simpson have stepped out in twinning outfits with their kiddos. it's only natural for us dog mamas to adopt this iconic style with our fur-babies!

it is literally im-paw-sible to have a dull day when you're matching with your mutt! everything is more fun and entertaining when you're twinning with your best furend!

now, are you ready to TWIN with your doggo in the most wienerful way EVER?! 


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10 mommy and me outfits for national dog mom day

10 mommy and me outfits for national dog mom day

to celebrate national dog mom day we did a round up of our current favorite trend that we think is here to stay FUREVER. mommy and me outfits puppy style!

we’ve trolled the internet for fashion looks sure to inspire a little #matchymatchy in the most fab and furry way. i mean, it's universally known that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that mutual bond and admiration you have with your dog should be celebrated with your pawsonal style!

we hope you enjoy these dog mom's who are slaying the mommy and me match my mutt look! 

this 18-year-old prom queen, brenda sierra, made her 7 year old rescue weenie, sasha, a matching dress! 

“anywhere that a dog is allowed, i bring her,” brenda said. and there certainly aren’t any rules against taking your wiener-dog to the prom. so, with the extra fabric from her hemmed dress and a hot-glue gun, brenda made sasha a matching prom outfit.

source: bored panda

gorman clothing is a pioneer when it comes to matching outfits for you and your dog. they produce chic and colorful clothing mostly for humans but every year they release a limited matching collection of coats for both hounds and humans. the best part? 100% of the profits are donated to animal welfare organizations!

source: gorman clothing

one could argue that paris hilton started the mommy and me trend for matching outfits with your fur babies. matching outfits with your pup is the pawfect way to display your devotion to your mini me in style!

source: rover

erika from sews before bros sets the style bar high with these matching fits for herself and her wire-haired qweenie. she has the patterns linked on her blog if you're a crafty dog mama and want to recreate this amazing mommy and me look!

source: sew before bros

we're loving the full camo trend but it makes it 100 times cooler and cuter when you're matching with your mutt. amrite?! 

check out our matching camo lounge set here.

source: bean goods

long time bean goods supporter, comedian and og crazy wiener dog lady, brittany furlan is no stranger to matching her outfits with her mutts. brittany and her bb gurl meggy poos owned the mommy and me look in this april fools day campaign from a few years ago. meggy sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge but she lives on in spirit furever.

source: brittany furlan

you're not a true dog mom until you own a piece of clothing with YOUR pup's face on it! the customized pet parent apparel trend isn't going anywhere and we're loving these personalised hand-drawn pet embroidery pieces from hoop n loop!

source: hoop n loop

sophia of my three doxies is an actual weenicorn and her and her doxie mama rock this matching get up! because we know you're guna ask...our weenicorn collection is no longer in stock but we have some new and wienerful matching threads for you and your weenie babies coming soon! ;)

source: my three doxies

maitri of honey i dressed the pug is absolutely SLAYING the mommy and me trend with her pug ari. their style is drop dead drool worthy.  just go check out her instagram and you'll see what i mean instantly. #dogmomgoals

source: honey i dressed the pug

ok, it may have just been for the big screen but we all can agree that reese is owning this match my mutt look from her role in legally blonde 2! pink on pink on pink, yes paw-lease!

source: the wrap

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the day the weenstream was kidnapped

the day the weenstream was kidnapped

last week our beloved weenstream travel trailer was stolen from the lot we park it in. if you've been following our brand for a few years you know the weenstream is our happy place. before moving to the los angeles area we spent 15 months living and working full time out of that magical 13 foot fiberglass egg. she’s taken us on so many adventures. up and down both east & west coasts, across the country twice and crossing borders into canada. nearly 20,000 miles have been trekked with her. to discover she had been taken from us was a gutting feeling. we felt helpless and heartbroken.

after reporting her stolen with the police we made flyers & hung them up around the neighborhood. we turned to social media and pleaded for help with spreading the word of her kidnapping. that night a call came in from a neighbor who saw our flyer and claimed he knew where she was. we followed him to a not so nice area of long beach about 5 miles from our hood. there she was parked unhitched in plain sight in front of a run-down motel. other than being a little ransacked and smelling like someone smoked 100 cigarettes inside she was unscathed.

what really touched us with this whole experience was how much the doxie community rallied around us. our posts were shared nearly 400 times, we received 100's of DMs with words of support, hope and encouragement. we could truly feel the positive energy and it WORKED! 

here i am fighting back tears on an instagram stories update:

a few hours later we received the call from our neighbor and were able to retrieve the weenstream with the help of him and the long beach police department. talk about a rollercoaster of emotions!

we can’t even begin to explain how hashtag blessed we feel. the weenstream is home, she’s safe and she’s gearing up to take us on another adventure soon!

it's only natural to overflow the weenstream with all the wienerful things! since adding dachshund decor to our product collections the weenstream has been getting decked out in alllllll the doxie digs! dressing our bed with our new dachasso blanket felt extra special this week. can you tell we consider the weenstream a family member?! she is clearly way more than just a travel trailer to us! she really truly is our happy place! be sure to check out the weenstream's whole adventure timeline here.

p.s. if you're dying to sink your paws into that plush blanket heaven we're running a wienerful special this weekend for easter. you can buy any blanket and get a 2nd blanket for 50% off with code EASTERBLANKET. check 'em out here!



if you were one of the angels that sent us happy thoughts and positive energy during her disappearance make sure to leave a comment below so we can THANK YOU! <3 


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