the day the weenstream was kidnapped - bean goods

the day the weenstream was kidnapped

the day the weenstream was kidnapped - bean goods

last week our beloved weenstream travel trailer was stolen from the lot we park it in. if you've been following our brand for a few years you know the weenstream is our happy place. before moving to the los angeles area we spent 15 months living and working full time out of that magical 13 foot fiberglass egg. she’s taken us on so many adventures. up and down both east & west coasts, across the country twice and crossing borders into canada. nearly 20,000 miles have been trekked with her. to discover she had been taken from us was a gutting feeling. we felt helpless and heartbroken.

after reporting her stolen with the police we made flyers & hung them up around the neighborhood. we turned to social media and pleaded for help with spreading the word of her kidnapping. that night a call came in from a neighbor who saw our flyer and claimed he knew where she was. we followed him to a not so nice area of long beach about 5 miles from our hood. there she was parked unhitched in plain sight in front of a run-down motel. other than being a little ransacked and smelling like someone smoked 100 cigarettes inside she was unscathed.

what really touched us with this whole experience was how much the doxie community rallied around us. our posts were shared nearly 400 times, we received 100's of DMs with words of support, hope and encouragement. we could truly feel the positive energy and it WORKED! 

here i am fighting back tears on an instagram stories update:

a few hours later we received the call from our neighbor and were able to retrieve the weenstream with the help of him and the long beach police department. talk about a rollercoaster of emotions!

we can’t even begin to explain how hashtag blessed we feel. the weenstream is home, she’s safe and she’s gearing up to take us on another adventure soon!

it's only natural to overflow the weenstream with all the wienerful things! since adding dachshund decor to our product collections the weenstream has been getting decked out in alllllll the doxie digs! dressing our bed with our new dachasso blanket felt extra special this week. can you tell we consider the weenstream a family member?! she is clearly way more than just a travel trailer to us! she really truly is our happy place! be sure to check out the weenstream's whole adventure timeline here.

p.s. if you're dying to sink your paws into that plush blanket heaven we're running a wienerful special this weekend for easter. you can buy any blanket and get a 2nd blanket for 50% off with code EASTERBLANKET. check 'em out here!



if you were one of the angels that sent us happy thoughts and positive energy during her disappearance make sure to leave a comment below so we can THANK YOU! <3 



  • Bianca

    I was sooooo sad when the weenstream was stolen! I shared your post on my Facebook page in hopes that it would be found. I am so glad that it ended up in a happy ending. You must post a pic of Bean and Van with their scarfs I bought them!!!
    🌭❤️🌭❤️ the Bean Goods brand

  • Betsy

    I’m so HAPPY you got your precious weenstream back! Y’all look so happy in there and it shows!

  • Mary

    I’m so glad you found your darling trailer. Your email with the videos cheered me up. In a world filled with turmoil, it is wonderful to have a perfect ending for a change. By the way, your puppies are so adorable. My daughter has two adorable weens and a basset hound. Mr. Smith is a long-haired ween with the most beautiful black, silky coat, and Hippo, the year-old, is a mottled one. When he came to live at their house, everything turned upside down. The other two dogs were miffed because of his high-energy, wanting-to-play and rough-house all the time. He basically was wearing them down. All three have had vet visits recently. Coco, the basset went through an arduous back surgery and there was worry that she would never walk again unassisted, but her recovery has been great. Mr. Smith had 4 teeth extracted this week, and Hippo, the crazy one, was neutered and is currently not enjoying the cone of shame. It is hoped that his testosterone level will adjust downward and that he will become a little more civilized. I, being his human grandmother, have enjoyed his antics because I can go home and find some peace. Not so much their family.

    Anyway, again, I am so very glad that your life has settled now that you have your beloved travel trailer back. I enjoy very perusing your offerings, and wish you and yours, human and canine, much happiness. Thanks for sharing your story.

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