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rad goods for doxie lovers since 2011
Embrace your passion for doxies with our rad & wienerful goods - being a crazy wiener dog person has never looked so good! Our shop is devoted to creating the most bad-ass weenie goods in the world, made by doxie lovers for doxie lovers. 

the bean goods story

In 2011, a spark lit the fire for what would become bean goods – a journey fueled by our deep love for doxies. Since then, we've been weaving laughter & hilarity into every step, crafting an array of wienerful and truly rad creations along the way!

bean goods was initially born in Portland, Oregon, inspired by our beloved black and tan dachshund, Bean. After Bean suffered a severe back injury that caused him to lose control of his hind legs, also known as IVDD, we knew he needed a partner in crime.

That's when we adopted Van, who became Bean's loyal companion and partner in all things. Bean and Van were the driving force behind our brand's success for nearly a decade.

Although we lost Bean and Van in 2022, their legacy lives on in our hearts and everything we do at bean goods. In their honor, we adopted Beverly, or Bev for short, who has brought new love and joy to our lives. And then came Halle, or Hal for short, a smooth cream angel girl with lots of sass.

At bean goods, we believe the bond between humans and their furry friends is unbreakable, even in the face of loss. We know this firsthand after saying goodbye to our beloved Bean and Van in 2022. But instead of letting their passing dampen our spirits, we've found new inspiration in their memory. Our passion for creating fun, clever, and rad doxie-themed goods has only grown stronger.

We've proudly decked out over 20,000 customers in the most rad & wienerful outfits, helping them express their love for weens & becoming the world's #1 dachshund-themed goods brand. But our success is measured in more than just numbers. It's about giving back, sharing the love, and throwing a bone to the causes that make this world a better place. We donate one percent of every bean goods sale to a rotating selection of charities. Over the years, we've donated over $50,000 to causes we deeply care about, such as social justice, global hunger, climate change & of course, animal welfare.

None of this would have been possible without your support. As a small business with big ambitions, your loyalty and love has allowed us to continue our mission of making the world a better place, one doxie at a time. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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