5 reasons why these hoodies will fit your doxie perfectly! - bean goods

5 reasons why these hoodies will fit your doxie perfectly!

5 reasons why these hoodies will fit your doxie perfectly! - bean goods

a dachshund hoodie that actually fits?! yes, it is possible.

finding a dachshund hoodie that ACTUALLY fits your weenie is a struggle as a doxie pawrent. a few years ago we made it our mission to develop hoodies for dachshunds that would properly fit their unique long and short bodies. 

doxies deserve to look good and feel good in their digs. here's the top 5 fit & design features we made sure to cover when we created these hoodies for dachshunds:

chances are your dachshund owns a hoodie that fits them unintentionally like a crop top. their booty's will no longer be left out in the cold with our dachshund hoodies! our patterns have an elongated torso to fit their long, wienerful bodies.

most dog hoodies are not designed to accommodate doxies short legs. your pup will be so pleased to no longer trip over themselves on walks. we shortened up the sleeve length of our dachshund hoodies to cater to ween's cute little stumps.


another unique dachshund trait is their large chests.

fun fact: "dachshunds were bred to dig and burrow. their large chests provide a roomy home for their ample lung capacity & super oxygen production. this oxygen production gives them the stamina and endurance to hunt as well as dig for their prey. doxies long, barrel shaped chest also provide a mechanism for their loud and deep barks. their deep barks make it sound like the bark should have come from a much larger dog. when they were hunting underground, they needed to be able to alert their master."

source: my mini doxie

this super power that doxies have is amazing but sometimes can cause some weenie wardrobe malfunctions. we designed our dachshund hoodies with an adjustable tab at the neck line to accommodate their larger chests.

this fun feature will benefit both you and your dox. stash extra poop bags, treats, cash, your chapstick - whatever you need on your weenie walks! it's sleek with an invisible zipper and roomy enough to fit all your dog walking essentials.

many dog hoodie's harness holes are TINY and make it difficult to quickly leash up your antsy pups and get out the door for walkies. we designed our dachshund hoodies with a 2 inch oversized harness hole so you can leash up with ease.  




we're thrilled to announce that our wildly pup-u-lar dachshund hoodies are BACK!

"these are made amazingly! the perfect fit for a long wiener dog body! cozy sweater material on the inside to keep them warm. a pocket for treats or poop bags, whatever you want. such great quality!" -kelsey 

in addition to our fabulous threads designed for doxies unique shape we have matching hoo-man apparel so you can twin with your weenies! it doesn't get much cuter than THAT! be sure to browse our 5-star rated "match my mutt" collection to take your doxie love to a whole new level of PAWESOME!

"the softest & coziest human hoodie ever! love that i can match my ween & rep them 24/7. print is amazing." -em 


we started bean goods from a place of frustration of never being able to find the cool doxie themed goods we wanted in our closet. we set out to fix that problem by creating fun, clever and well-designed tee shirts and accessories with a little edge that we felt was missing in the current market.

our shop is devoted to creating the most bad-ass dachshund themed goods in the world for you and your weenies! this ain’t your grandma’s wiener dog shop!

what the peeps & pups are saying about us:

"ordered the matching t-shirt for me and absolutely love twinning! fits my doxie great and i love the small hole for her leash." -rachel 

your search for rad and stylish dachshund themed goods ends here. our mission is to have you find your new favorite tee shirt, sweatshirt or home decor that shows off your devotion for doxies without looking like a total nerd. it's actually really cool to be a crazy wiener dog person.

the raddest wiener dog themed goods in the world!


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  • Angie

    I can’t even begin to tell you how stoked I am that a dog hoodie fits my harrie!!!! Can’t wait to get mine! (And Burt’s)

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